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Short Story - The Illusion of Love

Short StoryA small girl told her mother that she wanted to eat sweets. The mother purchased some sweets for her. And the child said, “My mother loves me.”

A school-going boy asked his father for pocket money. The father gave him what he wished. And the boy said, “My father loves me.”

A wife was cajoling her husband to buy her some new clothes. The husband bought for her beautiful clothes. And the wife said, “My husband loves me so much.”

A beggar sitting on a road-corner was crying for alms from the people passing by. Some gave him a coin or two. And he said, “The people are so nice. They love me.”

A boy and a girl loved each other very much. Whenever the boy saw the girl, his penis would become as hard as a rock. Also, the girl, whenever she saw the boy she became aroused. And the boy and the girl said, “They loved each other.”

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on November 22, 2008. 'Sleeping Venus' is a painting by Giorgione (1477/78-1510).