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Short Story - The Journey of Three Youths

Short StoryThree friends sat out on a long journey to visit another kingdom in a distant place. They had started out very early - before sunrise.

They kept on walking until it was midmorning and their stomachs urged them for food. And the three friends sat down under a tree and shared their food among themselves.

After having breakfast, they again started on their way. They had hardly walked for a few minutes when they came upon a tavern. Upon seeing the tavern, their mouths began to water. And they looked at each other for a decision. One of them gave a slight nod of his head and entered the tavern and the remaining followed behind his back.

And they ordered drinks for themselves along with fried pork meat. When they had taken about three glasses each, two of the lot stood up and said that it was enough and they should continue on their journey. However, the one, which first entered the tavern, did not like their idea. He scolded them and told them to go away. And he drank more wine until he was totally intoxicated and lay flat on the floor of the tavern.

The remaining two continued on their way.

Towards midday, they were on a path inside a deep jungle. And they came upon a very handsome maiden in that jungle. She called both of them with the wink of her angelic eyes. Again, one of the two friends parted from his fellow and went with the maiden. And the maiden took him into a very beautiful cave and sat beside him. When he tried to kiss her, she disappeared but again reappeared in another corner of the cave. After fruitlessly trying for hours to kiss her aphrodisiac body and lips he was dead tired and he fell asleep inside the cave.

And the last of the three friends continued his solitary journey – the one who had not heeded to the call of the maiden. He walked until it was evening when he came upon a hilltop wherein was a very big gun. The gun attracted him very much – he was captivated by it. He though about the power that the gun would bestow upon him – he would be the most powerful man in the whole kingdom. Therefore, he decided to carry back the gun with him. He pulled on the giant gun with all his might but it did not move even an inch from its place.

And today, after many decades are the pages of history, we still can find him on top of that hill, pulling the gun in hope of ineffectual power.

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on November 10, 2008. 'The Lady in Red' is a painting by Jacqui Faye Michel.


Kathleen Maher said...

Such a thoughtful, provocative story. It's originality vies with an almost Biblical voice.

admin said...

Thanks Kathleen but a 'Biblical Voice' is an overstatement.