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Short Story - The Tower Touching the Sky

short storyHe looked down from his luxurious chamber. It was on the 95th floor of the Heaven Tower. He had strived for the sky and, indeed reached it. Today he was very far from land – a huge 95 stories of distance.

The last thirty years he only craved for wealth – the more he got the more he wanted. Girls, he had aplenty – models and heroines. Indeed, he had built heaven on earth.

However, today, as he looked down from his chamber on the 95th floor, the land beneath seemed too far away for him. He had lost touch with it. He had lost touch with nature. He had lost touch with happiness. He had lost touch with actuality. He had lost touch with the simple joys of life. He had lost everything. Now, he was only a mummy – a living-dead one.

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on October 3, 2008. 'The Soul Attains' is a painting by Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1894).


kathleenmaher said...

This super-short story is that rare creation: a prose poem with a distinct character and narrative.