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Short Story - Grandpa Rabbit’s Treasured Carrot

Short StoryOld grandpa rabbit had a carrot. It was much larger than the average carrot. And grandpa rabbit loved it very much. It was the jewel of his life. It seemed to be the inspiration of his life. It seemed that his whole life centered on that carrot. It was his life source and without it, he would perish.

Everyday he opened his old chest and held the carrot in his hands. When the carrot was in his hands, his eyes would twinkle as like the stars. And after a quick look he would deposit it back again in his chest and lock it lest his grand children snatch it from his hands and devour his precious carrot – his jewel – the sole reason of his life.

And years later when grandpa rabbit had died, his grand children decided to open his treasure chest. When they opened the chest, they found only a decayed carrot and it was of no use. They threw it away.

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on November 19, 2008.


James said...

It bothers me that something of such importance was unbeknownst to the grandchildren. Who are these kids and why do they lack such respect.

Oh yeah... "it was of no use" what did grandpa use it for. This is I believe the omniscient statement. Why was it of no use?