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Short Story - A Bottle of Water

Short StoryA few years ago, somewhere on earth a drought occurred. Thousands of people, plants and animals perished. The land cried for water, its wails from its painful cracks rocked the heavens, as like the sounds of a thousand unheard thundering storms that take place in the oceans, far from human ears.

The villagers of one village stocked some of their drinking water in bottles and buckets and drums and all other vessels they could find during the arrival of the drought. It had served them well – at least they had drinking water though it was a little muddy.

After some days when only one bottle of water was left and except that nowhere on earth remained even the tiniest drop of water; a great quarrel erupted amongst the villagers over who should drink that water. Old and young all inserted their voice into the mighty struggle.

When the villagers were shouting at each other, one amongst them tried to run away with the bottle of water and this started a chain-reaction of the bottle being snatched by many hands. This continued for sometime until the bottle was crushed between the mighty might of their fingers and voices.

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on November 10, 2008.


Kathleen said...

Universal and timeless, Parvez. That's your voice.