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Short Story - She Pained Her Ankle

short storyThe Place was Mumbai. A place of vain lovers and vexing lies. In there lived a lady – a famous lady of the screen.

One day while she was taking a walk in the morning, she tumbled upon a stone on the road. She lost her balance and fell down. She was hurt, especially, for she was a soft fairy and, unlike those woman of the slums that lived a few miles away from her she was not used to falling and thrashing and the pains of life, for she was meant to delight the penises of the commons and the rich ones and the famous ones and, how could a soft fairy who delighted so many men’s penises be hard and differential to itches and bruises like that of the ragged and ugly and poor and dirty slum woman.

And it came to pass that a small-time politician saw the fall of the screen goddess. He without wasting a moment ran to the leader of his party and narrated the fall of the siren to him.

And the leader of his party immediately called the press. He told them that the present government was worthless and was unaware of the common man’s plight on the road. He also told them that if his party wins the coming elections he would make sure that roads are free of stones and ladies walk safely without any concern.

He finished his statement to the reporters by saying, ‘The Prime Minister is a man totally unaware of the stones on the road. Brothers and sisters of this, our great nation – I know you will this time want a man more capable - and I know you will vote for my party.’

The newspapers carried the incident and the opposition party’s narrative on their front pages and in bold headings.

The ruling party got wind of this and quickly issued a statement. This is what their spokesman said to the reporters, ‘This is a matter grave and serious. A lady – the most beautiful lady on earth is hurt. We have numerous proofs as to who committed the crime. We have strong evidence as to who placed the stone on the road. Brothers and sisters of this our so high nation – you know – you know it very clearly – the opposition is mad – they have become restless for power…’

As the news channels aired this news, the opposition party became furious. They held a meeting and declared that they would hold a protest rally.

The next day, a massive herd of humans processed towards the parliament of India led by the chairman of the opposition party.

And he was live on television, directly from the front of the citadel of power – the Indian parliament. The chairman of the opposition opened his mouth – ‘Shame!’ After that, he became silent for a few moments while nodding his head as if in despair. Again, he opened his mouth, ‘Shame on the Prime Minister, the cabinet ministers – ladies are being hurt by stones on the road and you sit quietly. Shame on you! Such a feeble government I have not seen in my whole life… We – our party demands a CBI inquiry into the matter and a special committee to be set up, so that no stones ail any ladies on the road.’

When the parliament sat that day, the whole opposition shouted vociferously demanding an explanation from the Prime Minister about the matter.

The Prime Minister of India being a very old man somehow managed to stand on his two feet. Two officers supported him from both his left and right side so that he did not fall down.

And he cleared his voice – waved his hands over his head as a gesture for the wild Indian herd inside the parliament to become silent. He then moved his lips with much effort and pain from his side for he was and old and ailing man.

A small extract from the Prime Minister’s speech –

‘Children small and strong – children able to hear my voice – children of this great nation – hear me – hear my voice. I, the Prime Minister of your country – I stand firmly in front of you – and I say that – no more stones on the road. I have setup a committee and the CBI shall give me the accurate numbers of stones on the road. Children – hear me – I – your Prime Minister – stand firmly in front of you – there shall be no more stones on the road.’

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on November 27, 2008. The photo of the buffaloes is not to be confused with our great politicians.


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