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Short Story - The People Who Killed Him

short storyHe was writhing in pain. They were howling in happiness. He was taking his last breaths with great discomfort and with sorrow and with tears. They were enjoying his pain as was by nature built into them – enjoying the pain of others.

A large crowd was now around him and more were joining to gain a view of the pain.

His fault? The creeping creature’s fault was that while moving he got in front of their views. His fault was the wrath of the fault of nature – the blood seeking psyches of humans.

And there were frantic shouts. And they took into their hands whatever they could find – sticks and rods. And they thrashed him with delight.

And someone whispered that he was taking much time to die. He suggested that they burn this ugly one. And they splashed petrol on that poor soul and burnt him to death. They gave him an expeditious death.

Short story written by Parvez Ahmed on December 5, 2008.