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In The Faint Rays Of A Cold Moon

She was in the kitchen stirring the custard in a pan. It was for her 14-year-old womb’s fruit.

He adored his mother. Now, he comes near her.

She fondled his hair with her free hand.

He embraces her. He is his mother’s only child. The lone child of a divorced wife.

The cold night of a cold moon arrived. Mother and child both contented and happy, went to their bed. Quickly, they fall asleep.

After about an hour and a half of sleep, the boy had a dream.

And the dream was such -

He was sitting by the side of an ethereal stream. It was running down from a hill with vivacious and joyful sounds. Behind his back was a garden – a garden of rich colors. It was unlike any on earth.

And from the stream emerged a beauteous lady. She had a golden crown on her head. She was a queen. But her face was veiled with a thin silken screen with sharp symbols drawn on it.

And she walked to the garden. She plucked a heap of flowers. Then she came near him and kissed him on his lips.

He was warmed by the kiss. A kind of joy unknown to him ran through his veins.

And the queen made a bed with the flowers. They lay down on it – she on top of him.

Her eyes, as they met his, made him more joyous. They were so beautiful. But her face, he could not see nor did she removed her veil.

And when he tried to remove her veil, she stopped him. Then she gave him another kiss which filled him with more warmth.

Then she laid bare her breasts. The were small, supple and erect. She took them near to his mouth. He sucked her nipples. She made some ecstatic sounds which filled him with all the more warmth.

And when it was morning, she left him weak and starved. But as she was leaving him, her silken veil fell and the Queen was his…

At this moment, the boy’s sleep was broken. His body was very cold. The blanket that he and his mother wore had fallen down from their bodies. As he was putting on the blanket over her body, his eyes fell on her naked bosom. The strings of her nightgown had opened in her sleep. She was beautiful in the faint rays of the cold moon.