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The Branch That Parted the Tree

In a garden of a certain king was a huge mango tree. People from far and wide who came to visit the king was awestruck by the size of the tree. They praised it for the giant shade it provided for them.

The tree however remained humble and it never boasted of it in front of her smaller counterparts in the garden.

And it came to happen that one of the branches of that tree seeing the enormous fame of her mother decided to separate itself from her.

The mother and the sisters of the branch tried to stop it from going away but in vain.

And the branch separated itself from her mother and rooted herself at a distance in front of her mother thinking that visitors would praise her and forget about the tree in the back.

A few months later, a horrible drought took place in that kingdom. Plants and animals were hit hard by it.

And the branch that parted itself from her mother could no longer sustain herself and the scorching sun and the lack of even the tiniest drop of water ended her life.

Her mother and her sisters survived the drought but it was very painful for them to see the demise of the branch.